Who is Griffin Laboratories, Inc.?


Griffin Laboratories, Inc. is a medical device manufacturing company, within the assistive technology marketplace. Griffin Laboratories is founded on the principles of producing high-quality, innovative products, with an emphasis on improving quality of life.

As a company, Griffin Laboratories is dedicated to providing the best value products to our customers. Our distributors tell us that our products have unmatched durability. Dr. Shute has written an article on the artificial larynx which clearly states "Speech-language therapists rated the TruTone™ [Electrolarynx]...with the highest reliability."

Griffin Laboratories has a strong focus on customer service. Because we provide such reliable instruments, we are able to offer a service guarantee which is unmatched in the industry. In the rare case that a repair is necessary, repairs are performed on the day the unit arrives. We guarantee that it will be repaired within three business days, and we use 2 to 3 day delivery services to return it (within the US).

Griffin Laboratories is currently producing the most natural sounding electronic artificial larynx (electrolarynx) available today, the TruTone™ artificial speech aid. Dr. Shute states "Data indicate that the TruTone™ [Electrolarynx] had greater frequency range and harmonic intensity compared to the Servox." Furthermore, "...findings suggest that the TruTone™ device approximate normal speech more so than the Servox device." No other speech aid produces the natural sounding intonation of this instrument, and you will appreciate its unmatched durability. For the most optimum voice restoration, speak up with a TruTone™ speech aid.

The SolaTone™ speech aid was introduced in 1997--the first very high quality, low cost artificial larynx available in the marketplace. No other speech aid in the low price range offers the quality and features found in this instrument. We will be introducing other products in the future as we find new opportunities for products which need improving.

At Griffin Laboratories we understand the importance of listening. Your needs were given ultimate priority. Of the speech-aids available today, we are sure you will make the TruTone™ speech aid your natural solution.





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