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Give Your Voice an Extra Boost!

The SoniVox™ Waistband Voice Amplifier is a high volume, low feedback personal voice amplifier that is great for teachers, speakers, and anyone whose voice needs a boost.

The SoniVox™ waistband amplifier is also the perfect way to boost your voice if you speak with esophageal or TEP speech. This portable voice amplifier is even a great companion to your electrolarynx.

 "A wonderful tool for teaching..."

All Griffin Laboratories Amplifiers include a FREE upgrade to heavy-duty high-fidelity headset microphone.

The SoniVox™ Waistband Voice Amplifier includes the following:

SoniVox™ Amplifer Carrying CaseSoniVox™ Amplifier and Accessories

Also Available

This microphone provides the BEST sound quality, and cancels out unwanted noise.  It allows you to operate your SoniVox™ Amplifier at a very high volume without any feedback!


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