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Rob Craig, previous servox user, Canada
J.T “Scotty” Millar, Canada
Roy Boyd, NJ
Gordy & Paige Ferguson, MN
Betty Labigang, MO
Sam Beights, OK
The Reliable TruTone™ Electrolarynx (Funniest ALD Review Award)

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Best SHORT Review:

I tried the TruTone electrolarynx you left as Club loaner.
Practiced using it.
Friday, telephone rang. Daughter, long-distance, NYC.
Who else do know who sounds like a computer? sound like a real voice...
^^back to the top^^Paul Sikora, El Presidente,
Nu-Voice Club of Southern Arizona

I started out with a Servox when I went back to work and it worked ok. I am on the phone around 3000 minutes a month +/- with work related calls and I was very worried before I went back to work as to weather I was going to be able to work or not.

My Servox was working good but I wasn't happy with the sound of my voice or the volume I also found that I had to repeat myself quite often. But as far as I knew that was my only option.

I needed to have a back up in case my Servox ever went on the fritz. So I started looking on line for other products. I was told by someone on Web Whispers about the TruTone electrolarynx so I looked it up and figured that I would give it a try. It wasn't going to hurt anything because it was just going to be my back up.

Well since I have had my TruTone electrolarynx which is 4 or 5 months now I haven't touched my Servox. There is no comparison between the two. Once I got use to my TruTone speech aid and got it set up the way I liked it it was great. I use a Plantronics wireless headset and now it might happen once in 100 calls that I have to repeat myself and that mostly is due to the fact that I am talking to a poor listener. And believe me after a while you can tell who is a good and who is a poor listener.

So as far as I am concerned if you have a choice there shouldn't be any choosing at all.
Go with the TruTone speech aid.

I also bought the HandsFree electrolarynx holder. I don't use it too much but it is there for when I do.

^^back to the top^^Rob Craig, Previous Servox user from Canada

I just have to write this accolade to TruTone of Griffin Labs.

I used up 3 servox electrolarynx talkers since 1986. Yes, and never was happy after the first one. Reasons: Battery’s cost $50.00 –lucky to last 3 months. They just quit mid-sentence. Parts are very expensive.

Well I got my TruTone electrolarynx in June of 06. The battery that came with it lasted a week. I was flabbergasted, just an Energizer 9 volt, inexpensive battery. I “framed” it after. I’m so happy with the TruTone. It’s so ergonomic now that I took the Black rubber thing and stuck it on the bottom –permanently. Now it won’t roll off a desk and it can’t slip out my hand -and it’s easy to grip from my leg holster. When I talk I feel like John Wayne saying, ‘Listen Pilgrims’. I love this TruTone. Thanks a lot guys.”

^^back to the top^^J.T “Scotty” Millar, Canada

Karen and Cliff,

I wanted to write and thank you for taking the time to visit our club.

It will be 7 years on April 29, 2006 that I have been a laryngectomee. I have been to several IAL meetings and have heard a lot of different ways to make voice. Some good, some I didn't care for. Among them was the TruTone.

I must admit that before the meeting, I was convinced that there was nothing you could say or do that would make me want to change from my current speech aid. After all, it was a part of me, for the last 7 years!! However, the TruTones that you brought to the meeting were the best I have heard! They far exceeded any expectations any of us may have had. This is proven by the members who ordered one for themselves, myself being one of them.

I think the most amazing thing, other than the quality of the unit, is that two of the orders were from members who don't even use an EL! One uses esophageal speech, the other has a TEP! The icing on the cake was when Cliff threw the unit against the brick wall and it landed on the cement floor. After picking it up, and readjusting the battery, he proceeded to speak with it. "FANTASTIC"!!!

Thank you again for your dedication to the lary community. You are always striving to improve our quality of voice, and your customer service is outstanding. I refer to the speed in which customers receive their units. I believe one of our members received his unit before you were back in California.

^^back to the top^^With sincere thanks,
Roy Boyd
Somerset County Miracle Voice Club
Raritan, New Jersey
The TruTone (and Gordy using it) are working beautifully. Gordy recently told someone whose brother uses another device to switch to a TruTone! We enjoyed meeting both of you - you are both delightful. We both like the difference in using the TruTone. You have a wonderful product.
^^back to the top^^Paige Ferguson
I have used the TruTone for about 9 years. (I, also use the TEP.) I am the facilitator of a small group (about 20) in Joplin, Missouri and area. I love my TruTone. I have found that all ladies (in our group) like the TruTone the best and men with small frames seem to pick the Trutone over the servox.
When I have a new lary join our group I give them the opportunity to try both before they spend their money. Sometimes the SLP or the Doctors will just order the Servox. Then when they get to our group they say they wished they could have tried the TruTone first.

I have a SLP that works with me and a Doctor that will let me know when they have a new patient getting ready for surgery. Our SLP has both to show and now knows that the TruTone works really well for the women and for men with small frames. Note what I am saying is from our group. Please say thank you to your husband for me and my group for all his hard work.
^^back to the top^^Betty Labigang

This is just a note to tell you how much My TruTone means to me. I am post-op six and one half years and have used my trusty TruTone since I was released from the hospital following my surgery. I was able to talk with it immediately much to the surprise of everyone. I would urge every new laryngectomee to try a TruTone if possible before making a final decision as to what brand to buy. Feel free to use my endorsement of the TruTone anytime anywhere anyway.

^^back to the top^^Everett C. "Sam" Beights
Miami, Oklahoma

The Reliable TruTone Electrolarynx

“True Story”

Reliable is the optimum word here. I cannot tell you how abusive I have been with my TruTone. It's like John Cameron Swazey used to say, “it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'”. When I drive, I put my TruTone on the seat between my legs for accessibility. More than once have I gotten out of my van to hear that very distinguishable sound of my TruTone hitting the parking lot pavement. With apprehension, I pick it up and press the button to hear that familiar buzzing sound. IT STILL WORKS.

Probably the most abusive thing I have done to my TruTone happened in the bathroom following a very successful download. As I stood up and turned around to admire my standard deposit, I reached down to pull up my britches and my TruTone fell out of my shirt pocket, and of course you know where it landed. However, on a positive note, my TruTone was only half submerged. It was being supported by my standard deposit not allowing it to sink to the bottom of my standard commode. I knew I had only seconds to act so I reached in and snatched it form the you know what. There I am, standing there with a very smelly TruTone in my hand with my britches still down around my ankles. I knew I had to do something, so I turned on the shower and washed it off. I also knew it was not going to work after taking a shower. So after the shower and finally getting my britches up, I pushed the button on my TruTone and NOTHING. I disassembled it, spread the parts out on a towel and dried it for one hour with my wife's hair dryer. I then reassembled it, pushed the button and NOTHING. I took it apart again, spread it out on the towel and let it sit for a day.

For the next 24 hours, I was so mad at myself for doing such a stupid thing, plus I had to use my backup electrolarynx, a Servox, which I won't say anything about. My mom said, “If you can't say anything good about someone or something, don't' say anything at all”, so enough said. After this terrible 24 hours, I reassembled my TruTone, pushed the button and again I heard that all familiar reassuring buzzing sound. IT STILL WORKS. That was six months ago, and I'm still using that same TruTone, cleaned and disinfected.

^^back to the top^^ Carson Lowe
Surfside Beach, SC

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