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Battery & Charger FAQ

Do you have a question about batteries, chargers, and your electrolarynx or amplifier?
Here are your answers for electrolarynx batteries.
We'll also tell you about your amplifier batteries here. (Scroll down...)

What kind of batteries do your electrolarynx devices use?

The TruTone Plus(tm) Electrolarynx, TruTone(r) Electrolarynx, and SolaTone(r) electrolarynx devices all use 9v batteries. The SolaTone Plus(r) electrolarynx uses two AA battieres. These are efficient batteries with good life, and you can use either rechargeable or disposable alkaline batteries.

What is a "High Capacity" 9v battery for the electrolarynx speech aid?

The standard 9v rechargeable battery is between 150 and 160mAh. The High Capacity speech aid battery is 260 to 300mAh; this means the talking time is nearly double that of the standard battery. Note, we have periodically substituted high capacity batteries when the standard batteries were not available. This means you may have gotten more than we promised. It does not mean a replacement battery is "no good," but rather, you were given a free upgrade and we just did not tell you.

How long will the electrolarynx batteries last?

Battery life is 100% dependant upon speech patterns. Using a lower volume setting will increase battery life greatly. (The last 1/4 turn on the volume doubles the current consumption, but only adds a little bit to the volume.) Heavy talkers will go through the batteries quicker than those who talk very little. Most people can last a 1-3 days on the regular 160mAh battery, and 2-3 days or more with the high capacity 260mAh battery. Frank Smith of CT once saved a high capacity battery just for anti-smoking lectures at schools--he did 32 one-hour lectures on one charge! Disposable alkaline batteries typically last 4-7 days.

A typical rechargeable battery is good for about 100 charges, but often last longer, sometimes several years. Because the high capacity batteries don't need charging as often, they will last longer, if not used until dead. Batteries should be used until a noticable decrease in volume occurs, then recharged. Draining a battery until it is fully dead may reduce its capacity, and should be avoided.

Do you have a 220v charger or dual voltage charger options for the electrolarynx devices?

All three chargers are available in 110/220v dual voltages. Please select the 110/220v option in the drop-down box on the product catalog page before you click Buy Now, or specify this need in the order comments, because we include a standard 110v-only transformer without this request. AT this time, all of our chargers come with 110v US plugs; even with the 220v option, you may need an adaptor.

What is the difference between the charger options for the electrolarynx devices?

The trickle charger is just a 2-place 9v constant current charger. It can charge one or two batteries at a time, and is fine for slow-charging lower capacity batteries up to 180mAh. This charger can not charge the higher capacity batteries, such as the 250mAh that come with the upgraded chargers. Batteries should not be left on it for over 20-24 hours max. The dual-voltage trickle charger has a switch that must be turned to select 110 or 220v. The other two chargers automatically select it.

The Rapid charger can charge one or two 9v batteries in about an hour or two. This is a small wall-plug charger, convenient for travel, but due to the fast charge, the batteries will wear out slightly faster. Batteries should not be stored on it.

Do the TruTone® or SolaTone® electrolarynx models use Servox batteries?

No, they use 9v batteries, but we do carry batteries for the Servox Electrolarynx. We believe the 9v batteries are a better option for electrolarynx devices. The 9v size has high capacity for their size (our High Capacity 9 volt electrolarynx batteries have more capacity than a Servox Battery), and you may purchase 9v batteries at your local drugstore, both rechargeable and disposable.

Amplifier battery & charger questions:

What kind of batteries do the amplifiers use?

The SoniVox(r) waistband amplifier uses 8 AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are included.
The SoniVox Plus(tm) personal amplifier uses an internal lithium battery.
The BoomVox(r) portable wireless amplifier uses a 9v battery in each of the transmitters. The amplifier itself has a 12v gel-cel battery built in. It may also run on an 12v automobile supply, or 110v AC power. Two disposable 9v alkaline batteries are included for the two transmitters.

Do the amplifiers come with battery chargers?

Yes. The SoniVox(r) waistband amp includes a constant-current charger which will charge the batteries in about 7-10 hours.
The SoniVox Plus(tm) personal amp includes a micro-USB charger which will charge the battery in about 3-5 hours.
The BoomVox(r) wireless amp has a built in charger. This charger will charge the 12v gel cell battery, and trickle charge one 9v battery.


Note: Servox is a trademark of the Servox company in Germany. Griffin Laboratories, Inc. is not affiliated with Servox or the Servox batteries.

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