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How do I choose a voice amplifier?
Our amplifiers are designed for people who need an amplifier primarily due to medical reasons.

* The BoomVox(r) wireless amplifier is best for people who are in one place for extended periods of time.

The six inch speaker provides crystal clear amplification, loud enough for a small auditorium full of people. Teachers love the BoomVox(r) wireless amp because the belt-clip transmitter is about the size of a typical cell phone, the speaker is small enough to easily carry from room to room, and it has excellent sound quality for the size and price. The 110v AC power means it always has power, while the built in battery allows for about six hours of continuous use on the go.

Parkinson's Patients appreciate placing the amplifier between their kitchen and living room. They also use these voice amps in their car and their home. Coaches use them on the field. The wireless transmitters have a range of about 100 feet outdoors. The size is a good balance, allowing wheelchair use, private conversations, or lectures of up to about 125 people.

* Mobile people need a mobile voice amplifier.

For very mobile people, however, a waistband voice amplifiers are a better choice. If you are continually walking around in different rooms or shopping at the mall, a body-worn amp allows portability and convenience. A waistband amplifiers offer a great balance between the distance to the mouth (the farther distance helps reduce feedback) and a portable weight and size. However, that distance is limited to the distance from your waist to your mouth.

The SoniVox Plus(tm) voice amplifier is the latest and greatest development. We implemented technology similar to your cell phone; lithium battery for low weight, long life, and convenient USB charging; digital circuits for efficiency and clarity; rare earth magnet speakers for a rich voice and low weight. This amplifier sets the bar when it comes to clarity and avoiding the annoying feedback squeal that plague other amplifiers.The three inch speaker gives you much more volume while still maintaining clarity. With maximum flexibility in mind, you can wear the SoniVox Plus(tm) voice amplifier with its camera-style strap around your neck, or use your belt in the cases belt loops.

The SoniVox(r) waistband amplifier, while not as advanced as our SoniVox Plus, is still a class leader, and superior to our competitors who use 80's technology. This amp still avoids feedback better than most, and has very good sound quality. It is a more traditional "fanny pack" design that can be slung over the shoulder, but is more at home on your waist.

People who primarily have private conversations in crowds, and people who are seldom in one place for an extended period of time will appreciate both the SoniVox Plus(tm) voice amplifier and the SoniVox(r) waistband amplifiers.

Feel free to contact Griffin Laboratories, Inc., or call our toll free number at 1-800-330-5969 for personalized assistance. We can help you choose a voice amplifier that best suits your needs.

BoomVox and SoniVox are registered trademarks, and SoniVox Plus is a trademark of Griffin Laboratories, Inc.
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