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Instruction Manual--TruTone® & SolaTone® 9v Electrolarynx Device
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Instruction Manuals

Download the TruTone® Electrolarynx User's Manual (English and Spanish) (3.5 MB,PDF Format)

TruTone® Electrolarynx Instructions (HTML)

SolaTone® Speech Aid Instructions (HTML)

General Artificial Larynx Use

The TruTone® and SolaTone® Speech Aids

Electronic Larynx Use On The Neck 

  1. Place the Sound-Head against your neck and activate.
  2. Speak as sound is carried into your mouth.
  3. Ensure an airtight seal on your neck and try different positions. 

Use the oral adapter if your neck is tender or there is too much buzzing

  1. Insert Oral Straw into top of Oral Cap.
  2. Place Oral Cap over Sound-Head.
  3. Place Oral Straw in mouth. Activate and Speak around the Oral Straw

Most speech aids may be used as a neck type speech aid, or with an oral adapter. When used on the neck, the vibrations from the head travel through the neck tissue and into the mouth where they are modulated into speech. Best results may be achieved with practice, and by finding the best position on the neck for clear and audible speech.

Please consult a speech pathologist for more detailed instruction of speech aid use.

Oral Adapters

Oral Adapter for a TruTone® or SolaTone® Electrolarynx

The oral adapter may be used when it is preferred, or when neck style use does not work well.  The rubber oral cap is placed over the head of the speech aid, and the end of an oral straw is placed in the hole at the end of the oral adapter.  The straw is then placed in the mouth where, when the instrument is activated, the vibrations are modulated into speech.  Optionally, the straw may be eliminated. With this method, the oral adapter opening (with instrument attached) is placed near the corner of the mouth. When the instrument is activated, the sound echoes in the mouth to be formed into words.

We recommend consulting a speech pathologist for more detailed instruction of speech aid use.

Batteries and Charger

Standard 9 volt battery chargerRechargeable 9 volt batteries

If you own an instrument that is not manufactured by Griffin Laboratories, please read the instructions that came with your speech aid.

 The TruTone® speech aid comes with two 9 volt rechargeable NiCad batteries.  You may also use good quality disposable 9 volt style alkaline batteries.  Do not use damaged, poor quality, or defective batteries in your speech aid!

To install batteries in your speech aid, unscrew the battery cap and fit the positive battery post into the small battery contact hole.  Next, replace the battery cap, making sure that the threads line up and the battery cap turns back on smoothly.

The battery charger may be plugged into a standard 110 volt AC wall outlet.  Drain batteries until speech aid volume begins to fade out before recharging.  After draining, charge batteries for a full 16-18 hours .  Failure to drain your batteries, or under/over charging, will damage your batteries.

Note: DO NOT plug 9 volt alkaline or other disposable batteries into the battery charger, as this may result in an explosion!

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