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TruTone EMOTE® electrolarynx Help and Instructions
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TruTone EMOTE® Artificial Larynx Speech Aid Information and Help Page

The Newest and Most Natural Solution in Modern Speech Aid Technology!


Instructional Videos

Videos for TruTone EMOTE® Artificial Larynx Devices

Instructional Videos for Other Griffin Electrolarynx Speech Aid Devices

Instruction Manuals

Instructional Manual for TruTone EMOTE® Artificial Larynx Devices (web page)

Instruction Manual for TruTone EMOTE® Artificial Larynx Devices (PDF)

Instructional Manuals for Other Griffin Electrolarynx Speech Aid Devices

TruTone EMOTE® Electrolarynx Information

More Information on the TruTone EMOTE® Artificial Larynx Device

Here are some product highlights:

  • Comfortable, Ergonomic & Sleek Design

    • Provides a better grip, with less fatigue
  • Simple & Easy to Use

    • Intuitive adjustments, with external controls
    • Easy-set Modes for push-button simplicity
    • Quick & Easy Whisper™ Mode for monotone users
      • Allows a quick whisper without adjusting the volume
  • Up to Month-Long Battery Life* & USB Charging--

    • Ultimate Convenience--charges just like your phone!
    • Users experienced 28+ days between charges users

  • The only Drop & Soak® Warranty--

    • Even the battery has a 2-year warranty!
    • (Call about upgrading to a 3-year warranty, affordably!)

More detailed Information on the TruTone EMOTE® Artificial Larynx Device at our shop

General Artificial Larynx Use

The TruTone® and SolaTone® Speech Aids

Electronic Larynx Use On The Neck 

  1. Place the Sound-Head against your neck and activate.
  2. Speak as sound is carried into your mouth.
  3. Ensure an airtight seal on your neck and try different positions. 
  4. Try different locations to find the best sound--position differences as small as 1/8" (3mm) can make a big difference.


Use the oral adapter if your neck is tender or there is too much buzzing

  1. Insert Oral Straw into top of Oral Cap.
  2. Place Oral Cap over Sound-Head.
  3. Place Oral Straw in mouth. Activate and Speak around the Oral Straw


Most speech aids may be used as a neck type speech aid, or with an oral adapter. When used on the neck, the vibrations from the head travel through the neck tissue and into the mouth where they are modulated into speech. Best results may be achieved with practice, and by finding the best position on the neck for clear and audible speech.

Please consult a speech pathologist for more detailed instruction of speech aid use.

Oral Adapters

Oral Adapter for a TruTone® or SolaTone® Electrolarynx

The oral adapter may be used when it is preferred, or when neck style use does not work well.  The rubber oral cap is placed over the head of the speech aid, and the end of an oral straw is placed in the hole at the end of the oral adapter.  The straw is then placed in the mouth where, when the instrument is activated, the vibrations are modulated into speech.  Optionally, the straw may be eliminated. With this method, the oral adapter opening (with instrument attached) is placed near the corner of the mouth. When the instrument is activated, the sound echoes in the mouth to be formed into words.

We recommend consulting a speech pathologist for more detailed instruction of speech aid use.

Batteries and Charger

The TruTone EMOTE speech aid is charged with a standard micro-USB charger. If you purchase a USB charger from a different source, make sure it is a high quality charger, capable of at least 500mA. Many "cheap" chargers rated for 500mA cannot actually produce 500mA, so if you are unsure, then get one that is a full amp output.

To install batteries in your speech aid, unscrew the battery cap and pull the old battery out. The cable will come unplugged with it. Slide the new battery into the housing, ensuring the alignment key by the plug is aligned with the battery socket on the circuit board. The MODE arrow should be pointing at the MODE button. See the instruction manual for photos.Replace the battery cap.

The batteries typically last 2-4 weeks. We recommend charging the batteries every week if you are very talkative, and every other week if not. Most retired guys get a full month between charges, so by charging twice a month, you will have plenty in reserves. We do not recommend you intentionally drain the batteries all the way. The green LED turns on when the battery has 20% life left. Although you may still speak for up to a week, we recommend you charge it as soon as possible. Take note that the volume is also intentionally suppressed slightly when the battery has 20% life left.

We do not recommend charging your device daily; this will reduce the life of your battery. If you are concerned about getting caught with a dead battery, then get a phone battery backup to use in an emgergency.




Please use our Contact Us page if you have comments or suggestions! We would like to incorporate your ideas into this help file!

Designed and manufactured in the USA by Griffin Laboratories

Call today for more information! 1-800-330-5969

Reviews (0 Reviews Available)
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TruTone EMOTE® speech aid--Contact us--assistance available!
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