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  Accessories and Equipment
  Adjusting Pitch
  Fine Tuning Your SolaTone Speech Aid
  Limited Warranty

The SolaTone speech aid was designed for use by
laryngectomees as a high quality, straight-forward, easy to use,
artificial larynx. The SolaTone speech aid may be utilized as
either a neck type instrument, or fitted with an oral-adapter.  In
either case, training with a speech pathologist is highly
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Accessories and Equipment
The SolaTone Electronic Speech Aid
1.   Pitch Adjusting Screwdriver
2.   Warranty Registration Card (Complete and return
     immediately to validate your warranty)

     Items not typically provided, but which may be purchased
     separately from speech-aid retailers, include Rechargeable
     Batteries, Battery Charger, and Oral-Adapter.
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Adjusting Pitch
Unscrew the battery cap from the SolaTone speech aid and
look inside the bottom of the speech aid body.  (see picture
( Picture coming Soon...)
 To adjust the pitch (tone), insert the screwdriver included with
your kit into the cross located on the small set-screw adjustment
indicated in the above picture.  Turn clockwise to lower pitch,
and counter-clockwise to raise pitch. This adjustment turns easily
once the screwdriver has been inserted and excessive force will
damage your speech aid.
    Note that the adjustment screw does not have a stop. This
means that once you have turned the screw a full turn, it will
jump in tone. If you are decreasing the tone, and turn the screw
too far, it will suddenly jump to a high tone. Simply turn the
screw back a little. This feature prevents the adjustment from
being broken by over-turning it.
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Fine Tuning Your SolaTone Speech Aid
1.   Adjust volume with the volume knob indicated in the picture
     at right.  Do not turn the volume knob past the point where
     it turns easily.
2.   Adjust the sound head/body gap by screwing the sound head
     away from the body at higher volumes, and closer to the
     body at lower volumes.  The sound head gap at most volume
     levels is about 1/8th inch.  This will make a great difference
     in sound quality.
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The SolaTone speech aid uses good quality 9 volt style
disposable alkaline batteries which may be purchased in a
grocery or hardware store.  Poor quality batteries will result in
corrosion, lower volume, and poor battery life.
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Limited Warranty
Griffin Laboratories warrants the SolaTonespeech aid to be
free of defects in parts and workmanship for twelve (12)
months from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by moisture,
abuse, negligence, soiling, use inconsistent with intended
purposes, or tampering.  All other warranties, expressed or
implied, are hereby excluded.  Griffin laboratories shall not
be held liable for damages, either direct, indirect, or
consequential, resulting from any defect or the operation of the
SolaTone speech aid and accessories.  For warranty coverage
complete and return the included warranty card to Griffin
Laboratories within ninety (90) days of sale by the authorized
distributor.  This warranty is non-transferable.

For warranty service, contact Griffin Laboratories at (800) 330-
5969.  Returned speech aids should be insured, padded, and
packaged with care.  Include your name, address, phone
number, and a note indicating the desired service, with all
packages.  Griffin Laboratories will provide return shipping
within the United States.
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Your SolaTone Electronic Speech Aid
Sound Head 
Sound Head/ 
Body Gap 
On/Off Button  

 Battery Cap 




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